Your safety is our priority.

Understanding of the effects of weight and balance, The Warbird Factory has developed inspection criteria along with on-going annual maintenance programs, ensuring these one-of-a-kind planes fly safely for years to come.


Preserving aviation history and ensuring these aircraft continue to fly and fly safely for years to come is imperative to the Warbird Factory. We are not owners of these aircraft; we are merely the current curators. With proper care and maintenance, these aircraft will be in existence long after we’re gone. Our mission is to preserve these aircraft for future generations to learn, understand, and have the opportunity to experience the WWII Warbirds.


David Prescott, veteran and founder of the Warbird Factory, has a passion for fixing and restoring machinery, bringing it back to life. The military discipline he developed as an engineer in the Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion program instilled the fundamental values of pride and integrity and he is focused on delivering quality services consistently from the Warbird Factory. You’ll have confidence in knowing our technicians are completing the work on your aircraft – the correct way, and to the best of their ability every time.


The foundation of the Warbird Factory is based on customer service and customer care. As Warbird owners ourselves, we value our fellow aviation enthusiasts and treat them in the same manor we’d expect to be treated, with honesty and respect, aligned with our core values.


We specialize in Warbirds. These planes were developed in the 40s when labor was a commodity. The planes routinely received several hours of maintenance for every hour of flight. We understand the worth and the historical significance of these aircraft. You’ll find we increase the value as well as the sustainability of your aircraft, ensuring it will be available to fly when you want to fly it.

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